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General Student App Process

Applications now being accepted for:

Traditional Path, Cohort 14 (Begins Fall Term 2020) Accelerated Path, Cohort 15 (Begins May 2021)

How do I enroll in the Baccalaureate Nursing Degree Program?

  1. Apply and be accepted to Northwestern.
    1. If you are interested in the traditional path, please apply for Fall 2020 and choose the traditional August start from the drop down in the application.
  2. Submit all transcripts upon admittance to Northwestern, and a credit evaluation will be completed by our admissions office to officially approve previously completed courses. This evaluation will also determine what core curriculum and prerequisite courses are still required.  If accepted into the nursing program:
    1. All prerequisite courses must be completed prior to the start of the program.
    2. All core curriculum courses must be completed prior to the start of Term 4.
  3. As part of Northwestern's integration of faith and learning, some Bible classes are required for students.  The Transfer Equivalency tool will tell you how many Bible courses you need to take depending on your current class standing.  Note:  Northwestern is not a member of the MNSCU system, therefore the core curriculum may differ from other institutions.    
  4. Successfully complete (with a C or higher) all prerequisite courses.
  5. Achieve a cumulative GPA of at least 2.75 (4.00 scale) based upon credits earned from other colleges and universities. Questions on figuring out GPA? Contact the Registrar's Office at
  6. Complete the School of Nursing application.
  7. Obtain a satisfactory score (minimum of 65%) on the TEAS entrance exam (begin with creating an account).
  8. Complete satisfactory personal interview with a member of the Nursing Admission and Progression Committee.
  9. Written acknowledgment of School of Nursing Acceptance Letter.

Space is limited; not all candidates are guaranteed acceptance. Candidates with more credits from Northwestern will be given higher consideration over those with fewer credits from this institution.

Next Steps After Acceptance

Once your written acknowledgment has been received by the nursing program, you will be sent "Next Steps", which will include instructions for:

  • Uploading all required immunizations and certifications.
  • Completion of a DHS NetStudy2.0 Background Study.
  • Purchase of clinical uniforms.
  • Gaining access to the UNWSP School of Nursing Handbook which contains the policies and procedures nursing students are responsible for following; i.e. Academic Integrity, Clinicals, Academic Grievance and Appeal, Upholding Community and Professional Standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have all the prerequisites completed before I apply to the nursing program?

No. However, all prerequisites must be completed by the start of the program.

What are my chances of getting into the program?

This depends on the number of applicants, interview results, TEAS score and cumm GPA.

Do I need to submit high school transcripts?


I have an associate's degree; do I still have to fulfill all of the core curriculum and prerequisites?


What are my financial aid and loan options?

Our Financial Aid office would be happy to assist you.

Will I still be able to work while I'm in the program?

Due to the intense schedule, it is suggested that you reserve at least 7 a.m.–7 p.m. (and possibly later) for classes and study time. The schedule will change from term to term.

When will I find out whether or not I'm accepted?

The decision from the School of Nursing Admission and Progression Committee will be emailed approximately 2 - 4 weeks after your interview; depending on the date of the next scheduled committee meeting.

Do I need to purchase any special equipment or supplies prior to the start of the program?

  • You will need a laptop computer that meets requirements for the online-proctored assessments.
  • Black pants, socks and shoes will need to be purchased for clinical use (details sent in "Next Steps"). 
  • A stethoscope and sphygmomanometer will be provided.

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